Feb 13, 2020 10:24:30 AM   |   Lauren Hallanan

3 Ways to Adapt Your WeChat Strategy in Response to the Coronavirus

Over the past few weeks, the coronavirus has turned the world upside down, leaving many brands wondering what to do now and how to navigate this difficult time.

While there have been several articles published offering businesses general strategy advice, in this article we focus specifically on WeChat, sharing three key pieces of advice.


1.  Continue Marketing But Hold Off On Promotional Campaigns

We encourage you to continue sending out weekly broadcast messages, but suggest you hold off on any major promotional campaigns or launches for now. Instead, use this time to focus on engagement and retention.

If relevant, customize your content to reflect the current situation, for example if you’re a food brand, share recipes and cooking tutorials that are easy for parents to make with their kids since school is closed and parents are looking for ways to occupy them.

Travel destinations can create content around itinerary planning, inspiring people to start mapping out the trips they will take once it's safe to travel again.

With people confined to their homes, the online gaming industry is booming. Creating a simple, easy-to-play mini program game could be a great way to entertain bored consumers while also having them engage with your brand.

Online learning is also very popular at the moment so it's worth considering what type of tutorials or courses you could offer. You can even build a gamified educational mini program where users earn points and badges every time they complete a segment.


2.  Double Down On E-commerce Mini Programs

With the majority of offline retailers shut down at the moment, online commerce is more important than ever. While the major marketplaces are offering incentives and support, it is not smart to rely on a single channel for all sales.

If you don’t have one, now would be a smart time to set up a brand-owned e-commerce platform such as an e-commerce mini program to help diversify your revenue streams. Even traditionally offline brands such as Chinese multi-brand beauty retailer The Collective are rushing to open e-commerce mini programs.

If you already have an e-commerce mini program, do what you can to make it more visible within your Official Account and set up template messages to encourage users to visit the store. The types of template messages you can use include abandoned cart reminders, coupon expiration reminders, or membership points notifications.

To learn more about using template messages for e-commerce, check out this article:

5 Template Messages You Should Be Using to Drive Sales on WeChat


3.  Consider The New User Experience

With people bored at home, social media usage in China has been much higher than usual over the past several weeks. Not only that, because people have so much downtime, they are doing more exploring, discovering new brands and products and following new accounts.

Taking this into consideration, think about how you can create the best possible experience for this influx of new followers, get them engaged with your account, and most importantly - retain them once their lives have returned to normal.

Take a look at your welcome message - how can you make it more relevant for the current situation? Maybe instead of having a sales-related call to action you can drive new users to the educational content we mentioned in section 1.

Update or create 48-hour journeys with questionnaires to help you learn who your new followers are and immediately segment them based on interests.



This is a tough and confusing time for many and we hope these tips will give you some guidance. Feel free to reach out for additional guidance or to share what’s been working for your brand!

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