Understanding the Chatly Rebrand: What’s New and How Will it Impact You?

Aug 19, 2019 9:26:56 AM | Lauren Hallanan

“Congratulations on the rebrand! So, what exactly does it mean for us?”

This is a question we expected to hear (and did hear!) over and over again from clients following the announcement last Wednesday that TMG Worldwide and WeChatify have officially rebranded to Chatly.

To shed more light on our decision to rebrand and the impact that the rebrand will have on current and future users of our software, we held a live webinar last Thursday hosted by Chatly Co-founder and Co-CEO Jeff Fish along with Chatly’s newly appointed Head of Marketing Lauren Hallanan.

In case you were unable to join the webinar, watch the full replay here or continue reading below for the key takeaways.


You Will Not Lose Any of The Features You Know and Love

If you are a current client, we know you’re worried about the impact of the rebrand and we want to alleviate any concerns right away.

“Current campaigns will not be impacted in any way by the rebrand and all of the key features that attracted you to WeChatify in the first place will continue to exist.”

With the rebrand we are adding three new modules and a multitude of new features, as well as redesigning the platform’s user interface, but our core features will remain.


Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, let’s take a closer look at the rebrand…


Following WeChat’s Evolution

Over the past three and a half years, as WeChat’s capabilities have grown and changed, so has TMG Worldwide.

Particularly following the launch of mini programs, WeChat has shifted from a single communication app to an all-in-one operating system used for everything including paying bills and researching products, to purchasing groceries and booking travel. In fact, WeChat alone currently accounts for 40% of mobile traffic in China.


From the initial launch of TMG and WeChatify in Feb 2016 and our integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in 2017, to partnering with Tencent to create some of the first global mini programs - as customers have asked for more products, we have listened and delivered.

However, this still wasn’t enough.

During the webinar Jeff Fish shared, “We felt that we needed to expand beyond marketing and beyond mini-programs to create a broader, more robust product that can support end-to-end customer engagement on WeChat.”


Shifting from a Marketing Focus to Managing a Brand’s Entire WeChat Strategy

The new Chatly software will have four components: Chatly Marketing, Chatly Service, Chatly Sales, and Chatly Commerce which can be used as standalone products or in combination to enable end-to-end management of your WeChat strategy.



While the legacy marketing software from WeChatify will be brought into Chatly, we will also be continuously expanding and building upon this module’s capabilities, introducing new features on a monthly basis.



Chatly service empowers your agents to provide faster, smarter, and scalable service on WeChat with a unified view of the customer, automated responses, personalized support and integration with your current contact center support system.

Other features include chatbots, agent assignment, clienteling, mini program chat, integrations with WeChat Work, and more.

The key is that the software can be used by 5 contact support agents or financial service advisors and then scale up to 5,000 as your China business grows.



Recently WeChat has become a core product for B2B businesses such as those in the pharmaceutical, education, and financial services industries.

“We think this is the fastest growing WeChat use-case in China, based on Tencent’s restructuring last year to support industrial internet.”

Chatly Sales contain a series of tools that allow B2B brand to further leverage both WeChat and WeChat Work including lead capture, CRM and third-party platform integration.



We’re not new to WeChat e-commerce, in fact one of our early e-commerce mini programs was used as a case study by the WeChat team. What we’re doing now with Chatly is productizing the offering, making it easy for brands to get a WeChat e-commerce store up and running in no time.

Chatly helps brands create unique e-commerce experience right out of the gate, connecting commerce across all platforms, and contains built-in retargeting and personalization features. Some of the key features include the coupon module, abandoned cart auto-ask, product suggestions, and advanced commerce analytics.


Built for Enterprises

Another important aspect of the Chatly platform, no matter which module you are using, is that it made for global brands and built to scale.

Our product is not for a single restaurant in Shenzhen or one brick and mortar shop in Shanghai.

We take security very seriously, with teams and infrastructure distributed globally and we can support integrations with the platforms and tools you are already comfortable using.



3 Key Take-Aways From the Webinar:

  1. The rebrand will not impact any current campaigns
  2. We are expanding and evolving beyond marketing to offer solutions for sales, service, and commerce.
  3. These will be standalone products or can be used in combination to create a powerful 360 view of your customers


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